Accurate, real-time, real-world production control
and scheduling along with quantity collection.

Maximize your profit with web-based production
control that your team understands and actually uses.

Loqust in 90 Seconds

  • Built for:
  • Planning
  • Estimating
  • Project Execution
  • Tracking
  • Uniform History

See how Loqust can increase profitability on your projects.

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Your schedule is important. It needs to be accurate, adjustable, and easy to understand.

Popular scheduling visualizations, like gantt charts, have difficulty making accurate schedule forecasts, representing quantity progress, and identifying areas of risk.

The Loqust schedule graph makes understanding real world progress and timelines simple and intuitive.

Every task on your schedule is represented by a production line which shows current progress over both quantity and time.

Plan your entire project to be timely and efficient.

Map out every quantity and task by location and crew in your project, both sequential and non-sequential, and eliminate risk early in the process.

Visualize your entire project’s
real-time progress.

Monitor the overall picture of your project progress, or dive into individual operations to get the details on where you’re moving quickly, and where you need to pick up the pace.

Your whole team can contribute and interact with these charts, making them more accurate, and taking up less time.

Here is your entire project at a glance.

Easily identify areas of risk and inefficiency, and figure out how to fix them.

Now that you can see the entire project at a glance, quickly and intuitively identify areas where your company could be saving money, working faster, or mitigating risk. Adjust your schedule in real-time, and we’ll show you the resources you need to make that happen.

Identifying this ahead of time saved your crew an entire week of waiting around, which means less frustration for them, and more profit for you.

This is an upcoming problem.

Backfilling can’t start at this site until concrete work is finished. You need to add more crew to concrete, or adjust backfilling.

Loqust Runs on the Data You Already Collect

Keep your entire team informed, accountable, and active in the project’s success.

Your team in the field takes ownership of their entire real-time schedule, and can identify and fix problems before they do any damage.

Project managers have the most accurate progress updates, forecasts, and the tools they need to adapt to any situation.

Owners get the real-world progress update, and can feel confident in their team’s communication.

Why We Built Loqust

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