With Loqust your project is 3x more likely to complete ahead of schedule, and 2x more likely to finish under budget.*

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* According to a Dodge Data Analytics study of 161 construction projects commissioned by the Lean Construction Institute

Empower your workflow experience

Developed by construction project managers, Loqust production graphs measure time + planned activity + actual work completed. This means that the plan is always up-to-date and showing an accurate timeline for the future stages of the project.  Loqust reduces waste through three key functions:

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Before beginning work on any project, as if outlining on paper, create a thorough list of all actions and tasks required to reach completion and success. Loqust translates this plan into a visual graph allowing your entire team to view and understand workflow before kickoff and throughout the project. This planning greatly reduces the possibility for delay and costly confusion on the job site.


Empower your workforce

Supervisors of each team assume responsibility and accountability by owning and maintaining the schedule in a collaboration, creating a ‘big room’ environment.


Reduction of waste

Waste from transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over-processing, over/under production, defects, and human resource is documented and visually displayed, empowering supervisors to take corrective action.



Study by the Construction Industry Institute indicated that 43% of construction efforts were productive and 57% were wasted.

Loqust Overview and Value Stream Contribution


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Loqust as a Lean Construction Practice

Loqust developed its underlying business practices independent of Lean Construction however arrived at the same point on a very independent path. Concepts such as value identification, elimination of waste, empowering the workforce, pull planning, continuous improvement along with others are all supported by the Loqust technology.

Loqust, the Bridge to CPM Scheduling; Leverage your CPM Knowledge, Expertise and Requirements

Along with specially trained expertise, CPM schedules require very specific information to create and update. Providing that expertise and information typically requires additional work for project management and supervision. With no additional effort and as a by-product of project management and supervision, Loqust collects this information for the CPM expert to create and update CPM schedules as required; update data and an objective narrative with no additional demands on project management and supervision.
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